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SideKick™ Low-noise Laser Controller

The SideKick™ Laser Controller represents a significant step forward in the design, features, and performance of quantum cascade laser controllers. Its low-noise design means no cooling fans, and when paired with a suitable DRS Daylight Solutions laser head, its drive electronics enable industry-leading CW RIN (low optical noise).

Built on the proven performance of our TLC/FLC controllers, the SideKick controller supports a wide range of our laser systems and wavelengths. It is compatible with all 31000- and 41000-series product families, including the Hedgehog™, CW-MHF™, Aries-100™, and Unicorn-II™ laser heads as well as older Pulsed, CW/pulsed, and Ãœber Tuner™ heads.

The SideKick controller provides flexible, precise control of laser power, wavelength, temperature, scan speed, and pulse parameters—all while protecting your laser chip with our proven HFQD™ circuitry.

The SideKick controller includes a GUI and SDK plus USB/Ethernet connectivity, providing you with elegant local/remote control and diagnostics, and multiple tuning and triggering modes.

Features & Benefits:

  • OEM or laboratory use
  • Supports CW or pulsed laser operation
  • Integrated laser power, tuning, and temperature control
  • Ultra-low current noise enables ultra-low optical RIN
  • Fanless cooling means low acoustic noise
  • USB/Ethernet connectivity with GUI and SDK included for robust local/remote control
  • Field-tested HFQD circuity for chip protection
  • Remote diagnostics and error messaging for rapid troubleshooting
  • Upgrade for our existing 31000 and 41000 series lasers


  • Scientific research
  • Standoff detection
  • Life sciences
  • Environmental monitoring
  • OEM integration

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Get precise laser control.

The SideKick laser controller protects your laser chips and is compatible with many of our laser systems and wavelengths. Let us set you up with a SideKick.

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