Poway Start-up Wins Federal Grant to Solve Stand-Off Explosive Detection Problem


Oct 27, 2005 –

Poway, CA (Thursday, October 27, 2005) – Daylight Solutions, Inc., has been awarded a $75,000 seed grant from the Department of Defense-funded Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology (CCAT) to advance the commercialization of a technology that solves the critical stand-off detection problem for explosives.

Founded only ten months ago by three Poway entrepreneurs, Daylight Solutions now employs senior engineers and physicists, with backgrounds in optics, lasers, spectroscopy, semiconductors, and electronics. The company is represented by seasoned executives, along with the worlds most experienced experts in advanced tunable lasers.

“Daylight Solutions has a great technology platform that addresses not only the critical military problem of stand-off explosive detection, but also addresses large commercial markets in the medical diagnostic and industrial chemical monitoring spaces. They have assembled a top-notch technical team, and have the entrepreneurial management talent to be successful” said Dr. Derry Connolly one of UCSD members of the CCAT Executive board.

Founded by Dr. Timothy Day, Paul Larson, and Sam Crivello, Daylight Solutions integrates emerging, solid state laser technology known as Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) with its own intellectual property in small, tunable lasers. The company developed its technology as a “platform application,” allowing it to be integrated into several products serving multiple markets. This allows the company to significantly leverage its R&D costs.

“We’re very pleased with the recognition and credibility that the CCAT award brings to our technology.” says Paul Larson, President and COO. “The team continues to make outstanding progress in the advancement and commercialization of our technology. We remain committed to delivering commercially viable solutions to our target applications.”

The company’s technology enables extremely sensitive molecular detection in the mid-infrared region of the electro-magnetic spectrum. This region of the spectrum is very rich in molecular information, making it ideal for detection and imaging in a variety of markets. “

Molecular detection and imaging applications using mid-infrared technology is an incredible opportunity both technically and commercially” said Dr. Timothy Day, Daylight Solutions’ CEO and Chief Technical Officer.

Daylight Solutions’ technology enables small, hand-held, portable instruments, which are extremely sensitive to the presence of small amounts of molecules. The technology provides excellent molecular discrimination, and has the ability to detect multiple species of molecules simultaneously. These benefits translate directly into new market opportunities for the company by enabling non-invasive medical diagnostics through breath analysis, as well as stand-off detection of explosives for military or Homeland Security applications. Additional opportunities exist in a variety of commercial applications.

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