New Application Note on Mode Hop-Free Tuning Performance


Aug 15, 2011 – A Daylight Solutions mode hop-free laser reaches a set range of wavenumbers without mode hopping, thus creating continuous coverage over the specified tuning range. When the laser is sent to a wavenumber within this range, via the laser controller or a terminal emulator, the grating is adjusted based on an internal calibration. Manufacturing specifications require that laser wavenumber accuracy is ≤ 0.5 cm-1 of requested wavenumber. This specification, called “Set- Point Accuracy,” is the average error of the difference between the requested wavenumber and actual wavenumber (as read by a wavemeter). Another specification, “Go-To Precision,” characterizes the precision with which the laser can be set and is calculated as the standard deviation of wavenumber readings after successively requesting the laser to go to a specific wavenumber. Manufacturing specifications require this value to be ≤ 0.02 cm-1.These two calculations indicate how well the laser is calibrated and the reproducibility of the calibration.

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