Introducing the new MIRcat-QT™ – the Industry’s First Ultra-Broadly Tunable, Rapid-Scan, CW-Pulsed Mid-IR Laser


Jan 31, 2017 – Molecular spectroscopy applications benefit from rapid, high-SNR data acquisition. This demands fast-scan mid-IR lasers delivering high-quality light, and output that can be tailored to meet application requirements. Until now, rapid tuning has come with compromises. The new MIRcat-QT changes this. For the first time, fast tuning and high-fidelity output is available from an ultra-broadly tunable, CW/pulsed mid-IR laser.

Building on the field-proven success of Daylight Solutions’ best-selling MIRcat–and our Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology–the new MIRcat-QT offers a unique combination of: CW or pulsed output; high tuning speed; high output power; wide tuning; high spectral repeatability; and high beam quality. A next-generation design, the new MIRcat-QT provides users with new capabilities that enable rapid acquisition of molecular spectra with higher accuracy, repeatability and SNR. The MIRcat-QT is available now! Please download the MIRcat-QT datasheet and contact usto learn more.

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