Daylight Solutions Wins Department of the Army (DOA) Phase 1 Technology Award.


Sep 27, 2007 – Poway, CA (Wednesday, September 27, 2007) – Daylight Solutions, Inc. announced today that the company has been awarded a 2007 Department of the Army Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award for developing a unique spectroscopic sensing system.

The program will benefit from an ultra-compact, broadly tunable MEMS-based laser source for mid-infrared spectroscopy and other applications, such as free space communications. The combination of high speed, telecommunications packaging technology with broadly tunable, external cavity, semiconductor-based laser technology will lead to sources that provide both high data rate communications, as well as molecular detection in the mid-infrared.

“Daylight is pleased to be working with the DOA on this project. Although our technology currently delivers on a variety of applications across multiple markets, we see this project as yet another opportunity to push the envelope on advancing our tunable systems,” says company CEO, Dr. Timothy Day.

Mr. Paul Larson, the company President added, “This program opens up the free space communications market segment to Daylight Solutions which is very important to our growth”.

About Daylight Solutions

Daylight Solutions develops advanced systems and sub-systems for molecular detection and high power imaging. The company’s core technology consists of miniaturized, broadly tunable and fixed wavelength mid-infrared laser sources that are based on semiconductor materials. The company sells complete systems and OEM “sensor engines” into such markets as scientific research, medical diagnostics, industrial process controls, military and homeland security. The company’s IP enables small, hand-held, portable instruments, which are extremely sensitive to the presence of small amounts of molecules in natural environments.

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