Daylight Solutions Wins 2006 Innovative Product Award


May 08, 2006 – Poway, CA (Monday, May 8, 2006) – Daylight Solutions, Inc., announced today that the company has been awarded the PhAST/Laser Focus World Innovation Award for 2006 for its Tiny Tunable™ mid-infrared laser engine.

The award honors the most timely, ground-breaking products in the field of laser science. Entries are evaluated on criteria critical to product success: impact, functionality, life expectancy, effect on the optics industry, innovation and patents or trademarks.

“The PhAST / Laser Focus World Innovation Award is an especially pleasing milestone for Daylight Solutions. We are convinced that there are many exciting commercial applications for miniature, tunable Mid-IR lasers, and we are very pleased that the PhAST and Laser Focus World community sees that as well.” said Dr. Timothy Day, CEO and CTO of Daylight Solutions.

The company’s Tiny Tunable™ mid-IR sources enable many applications, such as non-invasive medical diagnostics, stand-off detection of explosives, and a variety of industrial applications. The small size and high performance characteristics of the module make it ideal for portable, highly sensitive applications in real-world environments.

“Daylight Solutions is a proud recipient of this award. It recognizes our ability to pull mid-IR out of what has traditionally been the laboratory environment, and release it into mainstream applications” says Daylight Solutions President and COO, Paul Larson.

Daylight Solutions will accept the award at the CLEO/PhAST Plenary Session on Monday, May 22 at 7:00 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom of the Long Beach Convention Center.

About Daylight Solutions

Daylight Solutions is a developer of molecular detection and imaging instruments for both mainstream and scientific applications in multiple markets. The company’s platform technology consists of miniature, mid-infrared laser engines that are broadly tunable and operate at room temperatures. This enables small, hand-held, portable instruments, which are extremely sensitive to the presence of small amounts of molecules in natural environments.

About PhAST

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