Daylight Solutions surpasses previous world record for Broadly Tunable mid-infrared laser system.


Nov 02, 2009 –

Poway, CA (November 02, 2009) – Daylight Solutions, Inc., the leading manufacturer of advanced molecular detection and imaging solutions in the Mid IR, today announced that it has extended its own previous world record for extreme tunability in a solid state, mid-infrared laser source. By integrating the laser into the company’s Swept Sensor™ OEM module, customers can now collect over 300 wave numbers of spectra in a single sweep. This portable, battery-operated platform utilizes high-speed, low noise detection and embedded digital signal processing (DSP) to detect and discriminate among multiple species of molecules simultaneously. This degree of tunability in a commercial OEM product will enable many new sensor applications throughout the world.

“The latest broad tuning results have pushed the Swept Sensor™ into a true FTIR alternative.” said Dr. Miles Weida, Senior Scientist at Daylight. “Daylight’s patented External Cavity Quantum Cascade Lasers (ECqcL™) are tuning from 7.79 to 10.24 µm, or 27.2% of center wavelength. This lets us start to see complete spectra of heavy molecule in a single 10 millisecond sweep.”

NOTE: The following figures show absorption profiles of methanol, acetone, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol. Spectra were generated in 10 milliseconds and are compared to Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL) standards, showing excellent correlation.

About Daylight Solutions

Daylight Solutions develops molecular detection and imaging systems for use in industrial process controls, scientific research, medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring and homeland security and defense applications. The company develops sensors and offers a line of broadly tunable and fixed wavelength mode-hop free mid-IR laser sources that can operate either pulsed or continuous wave. The company’s core technology enables small, battery powered devices that are extremely sensitive to the presence of trace amounts of molecules in real-world environments.

The statements contained in this news release are not purely historical and contain forward looking information and statements. These include statements regarding the Company’s expectations, intentions, or strategies regarding future matters. All forward-looking statements included in this press release are based on information available to the Company on the date released.

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