Daylight Solutions signs LxRay as new non-exclusive representative in Japan.


Aug 26, 2011 – Daylight Solutions is pleased to announce that an agreement between itself and LxRay Co., Ltd. of Hyogo, Japan has been signed naming LxRay as a new non-exclusive representative for Daylight Solutions’ business in Japan.  Due to increased activity, Daylight Solutions has decided to expand its coverage by bringing in LxRay.  LxRay is a young company, founded in 2008, but has a proven track record for technical expertise, excellent service, and great relationships with their customers.

Despite its recent formation, the LxRay team has deep experience in representing lasers and other photonics tools imported into Japan as it is composed of seasoned individuals.  Dilas, Gooch & Housego, IPG, Venteon, and TEM-Messtechnik are among LxRay principals.  The product overlap will provide customers of LxRay with the expertise upon which they depend in a quality Technology Representative.

Tedd Kawamura of LxRay will be managing the partnership between Daylight Solutions and LxRay.

For further information contact Michael Radunsky, or Tedd Kawamura,

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