Daylight Solutions Signs Agreement to Develop Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring System


Jan 27, 2006 – Poway, CA (Monday, January 27, 2006) – Daylight Solutions, Inc., has entered into an agreement with an unnamed glucose monitoring company to develop a portable, non-invasive, glucose monitoring system. According to the CEO of the company developing the non-invasive glucose testing system, “All glucose monitoring devices available on the market today require pricking the skin in order to draw a blood sample. This new device will allow anyone to discretely check their glucose levels – anytime, anywhere – without the pain and inconvenience of current glucose testing systems. The Daylight Solutions technology has the potential to make the new system even more accurate.”

The agreement will result in a prototype system based on Daylight Solutions’ own proprietary platform technology for molecular detection and imaging. “We’re very excited about this opportunity, as it provides a great vehicle in which to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of our technology for non-invasive medical applications” says Paul Larson, president and COO of Daylight Solutions. “We’re confident in our ability to provide a successful demonstration of this systems ability to non-invasively detect glucose as well as provide a commercial path to the manufacture of tens of thousands of units per year.”

The company’s technology enables extremely sensitive, miniaturized molecular detection and imaging systems that operate in the mid-infrared region of the electro-magnetic spectrum. These benefits translate directly into new market opportunities for the company by enabling non-invasive medical diagnostics, as well as stand-off detection of explosives for military or Homeland Security applications. Additional opportunities exist in a variety of commercial applications.

“Non-Invasive glucose detection is an excellent example of the capabilities of our platform technology. With our patented approach, molecular detection and imaging across a multitude of applications will be enabled and low cost, portable systems manufactured in high volumes will become a reality,” said Dr. Timothy Day, Daylight Solutions’ CEO and Chief Technical Officer.

Daylight Solutions’ technology enables small, hand-held, portable instruments, which are extremely sensitive to the presence of small amounts of molecules. The technology provides excellent molecular discrimination, and has the ability to detect multiple species of molecules simultaneously. Though the advantages of mid-IR technology for molecular detection has been know for years, Daylight Solutions has brought it from the lab into mainstream applications though miniaturization and tunability.

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