Daylight Solutions provides light source for Time Resolved Infrared measurements of transient species. Cover article for the Journal of Applied Spectroscopy.


Jun 21, 2010 – Daylight Solutions is proud to appear on the cover of the June 2010 issue of Applied Spectroscopysupporting the research of Dr. David Grills et al. at Brookhaven National Labs in Upton, NY. Dr. Grills’ team has combined Pulse Radiolysis and Time Resolved Infrared spectroscopy (TRIR) to detect and probe transient species. Pulse Radiolysis allows for the instantaneous generation of the transient target molecule and TRIR, using a Daylight Solutions cw mid-IR ECqcL™, provides the sensitivity and selectivity to probe their lifecycles. Investigating in the mid-IR provides structural specificity that is often lacking when using UV, visible, and near IR detection.

In the Applied Spectroscopy cover article (D. Grills, et al., Applied Spectroscopy, pg. 563, v. 64, no. 6. 2010)experiments are described where the group obtained TRIR spectra of the CO2 reduction photocatalyst [ReI(2,2’-bipyridyl)(CO)3(CH3CN)]0 with time resolution of <20 ns using a pair of Daylight Solutions cw lasers operating from 1890-2084 cm-1 (4.8-5.3 µm). This measurement opens the door to probing intermediates and mechanisms of redox processes that were previously difficult or impossible to study.

Wavelength-stable cw operation of the Daylight Solutions External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser coupled with a fast-rise time dc-coupled detector allows for a complete temporal profile to be obtained with a single radiolysis pulse at a given wavelength. The entire data set is then stitched together piecewise to produce a spectrum that tells the life history of species that rise and fall in concentration over the lifetime of the experiment. Dr. Grills’ work is the first example of fast TRIR detection of species produced by Pulse Radiolysis in a condensed phase.

Daylight Solutions has pioneered the design and commercialization of External Cavity Quantum Cascade Lasers (ECqcL™) and delivers a variety of high brightness, narrow linewidth, tunable solutions from 3.8 to 12 µm portion of the mid-IR spectrum. We offer performance ranging from cw mode hop-free tuning to pulsed coverage of over 250 cm-1 in a single laser to over 10 W from a single platform. For further information, contact Chris Armacost at or (858) 413-1208.

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