Daylight Solutions Introduces World’s First Miniaturized Mid-IR, Tunable Laser System


Feb 15, 2006 – Poway, CA (Monday, February 15, 2006) – Daylight Solutions, Inc., has developed the world’s first commercially available, miniaturized, Tunable Mid-Infrared Laser Sources. The company’s line of Tiny Tunables© is scheduled for delivery in March, 2006.

Daylight Solutions, founded by New Focus co-founder and CTO, Dr. Timothy Day, has created quite a splash by jumping into the mid-infrared spectrum with both feet. The company is developing extremely small, tunable mid-IR lasers that operate at room temperature.

“By combining packaging and tuning technology perfected in the Telecom era, with advances in QCLs, we intend to bring miniature, low cost photonics solutions to the Medical Diagnostics and Security Markets” says Dr. Timothy Day, CEO.

Daylight Solutions’ technology enables small, hand-held instruments that are extremely sensitive to the presence of small amounts of molecules. The technology provides excellent molecular discrimination, and has the ability to detect multiple species of molecules simultaneously.

“The benefits of molecular detection and imaging in the Mid-IR spectrum have long been known.” said Paul Larson, President and COO. “We’ve taken the technology to a new level and made it a commercial reality by integrating solid state mid-IR technology with our own IP in tunability and telecom-style packaging.”

The company’s products, which begin selling in March, are based on QCL technology and cover the spectral range of 3um to 12um. These room temperature sources offer power levels in the 10’s of miliwatts, and are tunable up to +/- 10% of their center wavelength. The company also sells fixed wavelength mid-IR products.

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