Daylight Solutions’ growth bucking economic trends – hiring more people and expanding its headquarters


Jun 23, 2010 – Poway, CA (June 23, 2010) – Daylight Solutions, Inc., the leading manufacturer of advanced molecular detection, imaging solutions and broadly tunable lasers in the Mid IR, today announced that it is moving its headquarters from Poway to San Diego during the last week of June.

“The company has more than doubled year on year since we opened our doors in January of 2005 and we expect to continue that trend in the coming years,” said Paul Larson, President and COO. “Daylight’s strategy of designing and manufacturing Mid IR External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser (ECqcL™) based systems technology for applications in Defense, Medical, Industrial Processing, Environmental Monitoring, and Scientific Research continues to pay off well for company.”

Acceptance of and demand for Daylight’s leading edge products and solutions are driving the need for a highly skilled workforce of scientists, engineers, technical manufacturing, finance, marketing, and business development professionals. “Even with our aggressive hiring strategy, we have been able to hire “A” players and continue to fill open positions to plan”, said Suzanne Krinsky, head of HR. “Last year we had 20 full-time employees, today we are close to 50 and we expect to go above 80 by year end.”

The growth has also accelerated plans to move from the company’s two adjacent buildings into a single 35,000 sq ft office and manufacturing complex in San Diego. The move will take place over the last week of June and when complete, all functions of the business will be co-located under one roof. “The pace at which we innovate demands that our teams work closely together in real time on everything we do,” said Tim Day, CEO and CTO. “This move provides a great working environment for our team and sustains the near term strategic growth needs of our company.”

Daylight Solutions new address, as of July 1, 2010, will be:

15378 Avenue of Science
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92128

Phone: (858) 432-7500
Fax: (858) 432-5737

All Daylight Solutions email addresses will remain unchanged, but direct phone line numbers will change.

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