Daylight Solutions Extends Coverage of Mode Hop-Free, Single Mode, Broadly-Tunable External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser (ECqcL™) Systems


Jan 22, 2010 –
Poway, CA (January 22, 2010) Daylight Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced molecular detection, illumination solutions, and spectroscopic sources, has extended the range of high resolution external cavity quantum cascade laser (ECqcL™) systems to encompass nearly the entire mid-infrared. Wavelength coverage from 4 µm up to 11 µm has now been demonstrated using Daylight Solutions’ continuous-wave, mode-hop-free (CW-MHF) platforms.

Leveraging Daylight Solutions’ patented ECqcL™ technology, the CW-MHF lasers provide a spectral linewidth of ~0.001 wavenumbers (~45 MHz). This performance is combined with a tuning range as wide as 110 wavenumbers, enabling high resolution spectroscopy and multi-species molecular detection.

“The expansion of wavelength coverage from our Scientific Instrument products continues to be a high priority for our company,” says Dr. Timothy Day, CEO/CTO of Daylight Solutions. “We are delighted to be working with our customers and suppliers to deliver these advanced capabilities to the scientific research community.”

CW-MHF products from Daylight Solutions are now available at center wavelengths ranging from 4.3-6.1, 7.8, and 9.5-10.5 µm. In addition, products centered at 4.2 and 7.4 µm are in development. Additional wavelength coverage can be provided by the company’s pulsed (PLS) and CW (CW-PLS) models. Specific tuning range performance including wavelengths not mentioned here, price and lead time information can be obtained at the contact listed above.

Note: The following figure illustrates the wavelength coverage demonstrated by Daylight Solutions’ high resolution ECqcL™ technology.


About Daylight Solutions

Daylight Solutions is the leading manufacturer of quantum cascade-based scientific laser instruments for use in research applications. The company’s scientific products provide miniaturized, broadly tunable and fixed wavelength mid-infrared laser sources that can operate in both pulsed and continuous wave modes. The company also develops and manufactures molecular detection and illumination systems for use in industrial process controls, scientific research, medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, homeland security and defense applications.

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