Daylight Solutions Closes $7,500,000 Series A Financing


Jun 28, 2006 – Poway, CA (June 28, 2006) – Daylight Solutions today announced the closing of $7.5 million in Series ‘A’ financing. The round was led by San Diego based HamiltonTech Capital Partners, and included investments from Masters Capital Nanotechnology and strategic partner, Magnecomp International Limited.

Daylight Solutions is a manufacturer of miniaturized, molecular detection and imaging devices, with applications in non-invasive medical diagnostics, homeland security, and a variety of industrial markets. The company’s products are based on its intellectual property in miniaturized, broadly tunable, mid-infrared lasers.

Advantages of mid-infrared lasers for use in molecular detection and imaging have been known for decades. Daylight Solutions’ innovative technology pulls this science out of the laboratories, and creates commercially viable products that allow integration into portable, mainstream applications.

“We are especially excited by the wide variety of commercial as well as military applications for this platform technology. The markets for miniature, tunable, low-cost laser engines will be very large and sustainable. Dr. Day and his team have the innovative IP, as well as the industry and business experience to grow this company into a major ‘engine’ and subsystem player” said HamiltonTech Senior Managing Director Paul Bouchard.

Daylight Solutions recently received the PHAST/LFW “2006 Most Innovative Product of the Year” award for its tunable, mid-infrared light engine that targets both scientific and OEM applications.

“We have excellent IP and strong capabilities in the areas of miniaturizing and manufacturing molecular detection and imaging engines. These products enable applications in a variety of commercially important areas, and we are thrilled to be working with our investors to bring these solutions into volume markets” said Dr. Timothy Day Chairman, CEO and CTO for Daylight Solutions.

“This investment will allow us to fully execute on our manufacturing and business development plans, and further secures the company’s position as the world leader in mid-infrared technology” said company President and COO, Paul Larson.

About Daylight Solutions

Daylight Solutions was founded in January 2005 by industry veterans Dr. Timothy Day, Paul Larson, and Salvatore Crivello. The company is a developer of molecular detection and imaging instruments for both scientific and mainstream applications in multiple markets. Daylight Solutions’ platform technology consists of miniature, mid-infrared laser engines that are broadly tunable and operate at room temperatures. This enables small, hand-held, portable devices, which are extremely sensitive to the presence of very small amounts of molecules in real-world environments.

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