Daylight Solutions Announces Strategic Relationship with IR fiber supplier.


Jan 23, 2012 – San Diego, CA January 23, 2012 – Daylight Solutions (Daylight) today announced that the company has entered into a strategic business relationship with IRphotonics, a world leader in infrared fibers.

As part of the relationship, Daylight and IRphotonics will continue their work to advance indium fluoride (InF) fiber technology, providing enhanced capabilities to Daylight’s core products for Defense, Scientific and Commercial markets. Under the terms of the agreement, Daylight will also distribute IRphotonics’ infrared fiber products.

IRphotonics has made significant progress with its InF fiber technology, which now offers low loss, high mechanical quality and broad coverage throughout the mid-infrared spectrum. The company has also ruggedized their infrared fiber cables to meet the harsh environmental requirements of military aerospace platforms.

“We’re excited to be working with the industry leader in QC laser based solutions for Defense and Commercial applications,” said IRphotonics CEO, Eric Geoffrion. “We view this relationship as a validation of our technology and its potential for diverse markets.”

According to Daylight’s CEO/CTO, Dr. Timothy Day, The partnership leverages Daylight’s expertise in transitioning critical technologies into new products, as exemplified by their previous work in bringing QCL technology into mainstream markets. The company has begun to incorporate fiber optic delivery into its product capabilities, further enabling new applications in the mid-infrared. “Daylight Solutions recognizes IRphotonics as a leader in IR based fibers, and we look forward to working together as we bring this technology to our customers,” said Dr. Day.

About Daylight Solutions

Daylight Solutions develops and manufactures molecular detection and imaging systems for use in industrial process controls, scientific research, medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring and defense applications. The company is the world leader in high power, multi-wavelength lasers in the mid-infrared, and offers a line of broadly tunable and fixed wavelength laser sources.  The company also develops miniature sensors based on mid-infrared spectroscopy.

About IRphotonics

IRphotonics is the leading designer and manufacturer of technologically sophisticated infrared fibers and systems that are used for the transmission of infrared light, and for assembly operations requiring high intensity infrared heat. The company leverages its unique and in depth expertise of infrared light and materials to offer innovative products ranging from specialty optical fibers and light guides to its revolutionary thermal spot curing system.

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