Daylight Solutions Announces Availability of High Power, Mid-Infrared Laser


Apr 13, 2009 –

Poway, CA (April 13, 2009) – Daylight Solutions, Inc., the leading manufacturer of advanced molecular detection and imaging solutions in the Mid IR, today announced deliveries of its latest mid-infrared, high power laser system. The company’s new JammIR™ family of products provides a full 10 watts of optical power delivered out the end of a 3 meter fiber cable, or as a free space beam.

Based on the company’s patented ECqcL™ technology, the system’s small size and rugged packaging enables applications in a variety of markets, including industrial, environmental, medical and defense. The JammIR™ system is configurable from 1 to several wavelengths of simultaneous emission, and is factory set to customer specifications anywhere in the 2um to 12um region. Current deliveries include a 10 watt, dual-band systems with wavelengths at 2um and the 4um to 5um region. The narrow bandwidth, high energy beams can also be set to align with atmospheric absorption windows, enabling higher power transmission over greater distances.

Daylight’s products are based on a number of the company’s patents, which have advanced and enabled the commercialization of highly reliable ECqcL™ technology across multiple applications.

“The JammIR™ family of products is the latest example of Daylight’s commitment to remain the most advanced source for all mid-wave and long-wave IR solutions,” said Daylight’s CEO, Dr. Timothy Day. “As we continue to advance the technology for sources and sub-systems in the Mid IR, we are doing so in a systematic way that ensures truly scalable, and reliable commercial manufacturing for our customers.”

The JammIR™ family of products complements the company’s current offerings, which range from broadly tunable, mod-hop-free mid-IR sources to fixed wavelength, hand-held illuminators.

About Daylight Solutions

Daylight Solutions develops molecular detection and imaging systems for use in industrial process controls, scientific research, medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring and homeland security and defense applications. The company develops sensors and offers a line of broadly tunable and fixed wavelength mode-hop free mid-IR laser sources that can operate either pulsed or continuous wave. The company’s core technology enables small, battery powered devices that are extremely sensitive to the presence of trace amounts of molecules in real-world environments.

The statements contained in this press release are not purely historical and contain forwardlooking information and statements. These include statements regarding the Company’s expectations, intentions, or strategies regarding future matters. All forward-looking statements included in this press release are based on information available to the Company on the date released.

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