Daylight announces Hedgehog-LT™ rapid-scan, CW-Pulsed mid-IR laser – a new Hedgehog model for wavelength-targeted or molecule-specific applications.


Jan 31, 2017 – Molecular spectroscopy applications benefit from rapid, high-SNR data acquisition. This demands fast-scan mid-IR lasers delivering high-quality light, and output that can be tailored to meet application requirements. Hedgehog-LT is the newest addition to Daylight’s family of next-generation, rapid-scan, tunable mid-IR lasers. It was developed to address those users and applications where specific, targeted wavelengths or molecular absorptions are already known, rather than being surveyed or searched for. The new Hedgehog-LT addresses this need by offering a reduced (30 cm-1) tuning range, output power ceiling (CW power up to 150 mW), and price point, while still delivering all the other great performance and high-quality light of the Hedgehog family. Hedgehog-LT provides users with new capabilities that enable rapid acquisition of molecular absorption features with higher accuracy, repeatability and SNR, and its available now! Please download the Hedgehog datasheet and contact us to learn more.

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