About Us

Daylight Solutions: The World Leader in Quantum Cascade Laser Technology

Our Mission

Our mission at DRS Daylight Solutions is to be the leading provider of best-in-class, mid-infrared sources and systems for defense, commercial, and research markets. Our global leadership position in advanced, mid-IR technology means that DRS Daylight customers benefit from a sustainable, competitive advantage in molecular detection and imaging applications.

Company Overview

In 2005, three high-tech entrepreneurs founded DRS Daylight Solutions in San Diego, California, with the goal of developing breakthrough technologies and products around the company’s core technology: mid-IR quantum cascade lasers (QCLs). Since then, the company has introduced three groundbreaking products:

  • The world’s first broadly tunable, mid-IR laser system for scientific research
  • The world’s first semiconductor-based laser for protecting aircraft against shoulder-fired missiles
  • The world’s first mid-IR, laser-based microscope for real-time biochemical imaging and materials analysis

QCL technology provides a versatile platform for product development, enabling DRS Daylight to serve a wide range of industries. DRS Daylight Solutions and its wholly-owned subsidiary, DRS Daylight Defense, which delivers classified, military-hardened products to the defense industry, are both advanced in manufacturing capabilities.

QCL Technology:

Enabling Groundbreaking Applications

DRS Daylight Solutions pioneered the commercialization of QCLs chiefly to develop new technologies and products that can benefit society in meaningful ways.

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