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Aries-100™ Mid-IR Laser: High Power, Fixed Wavelength, Broadband Output

DRS Daylight’s years of experience and field-proven performance in high-power mid-IR lasers come together in the Aries-100 family of products. These fixed-wavelength, high-power mid-IR CW/pulsed lasers feature a sealed, maintenance-free design, broadband output, a choice of center wavelength, and average power options up to 2 W. Aries-100 provides air-cooled CW or pulsed operation* and current (amplitude) modulation. They are CDRH compliant and carry CE marking.

All Aries-100 systems come with a SideKick™ laser controller, an umbilical cable, and a GUI and SDK to give you everything you need for productivity out of the box.

Features & Benefits

  • Average power of up to 2 W (air cooled)*
  • Center wavelength choices include 4.0, 4.6, 8.7, and 10.2 µm
  • Broadband output with spectral width < 120 cm-1 (at 4.6 µm)
  • CW* or pulsed output up to 50% duty cycle (≤ 10 ms, ≤ 1 MHz)*
  • Superb TEM00 beam quality and low beam pointing allows fiber coupling
  • High output power for high SNR* to > 1 W (peak) and > 0.5 W (average)
  • Superior power stability (< 2% rms, 1 hr)
  • Current (amplitude) modulation up to 1 MHz
  • SideKick™ controller, GUI, and SDK included with all systems
  • Proprietary HFQD™ circuitry to protect your chips

*Requires suitable chip(s).


  • Standoff detection
  • IR countermeasures
  • Optical fiber testing
  • Scene generation
  • Materials processing

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