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Today’s Defense Technology:
To Protect With Light

The defense and security market is focused on protecting those who protect us. Its specialized applications include directed infrared countermeasures, explosives detection, combat identification, pre-shot detection, precision targeting/marking, and free-space communications. DRS Daylight Solutions has leveraged its core technologies into modular, open system product architectures that provide rapid fielding of new capabilities in defense technology to stay ahead of the evolving threats to our nation.

Aircraft Survivability

Directional infrared countermeasure systems provide aircraft with essential protection from heat-seeking missiles. Daylight is the world’s leading provider of lightweight, reliable, high-power multi-wavelength laser systems based on quantum cascade laser technology. Our QCL technology has become an industry-leading performance standard for size, weight, and power consumption. Our modular, open architecture designs provide a pathway for simple upgrades to enable the DIRCM system to rapidly adopt new capabilities to address an evolving threat.

Combat Identification

Combat identification methods reduce friendly fire incidents involving allied forces. We have leveraged our QCL technology into compact, man-portable, battery-operated packages to provide an easily identifiable signature for tactical mid-wave infrared and long-wave infrared imaging systems. These multi-spectral beacons are deployed on sea-based and land-based vehicles and personnel to provide critical situational awareness and to avoid undesired casualties.

Standoff Detection

Detection and identification of explosive materials and residues using non-destructive techniques is a critical capability on today’s battlefield. In addition, densely populated areas, such as airports, seaports, border crossings, and other mass transit stations, all require explosives detection systems. Our mid-infrared technologies, such as the ChemDetect™ Analyzer and the Spero® infrared microscope, provide non-invasive, real-time detection of explosives and residues.

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One Step Ahead

Staying one step ahead of a threat can save lives. Find out how DRS Daylight can help you protect personnel and property, using light.

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